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Clittary Hilton

May. 1st, 2017

11:15 am - Израильские ученые наконец нашли дерево, запретный плод которого вкусила Ева!

Israeli scientists found at last the tree that bears the forbidden fruit of which Eve ate !
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Mar. 4th, 2017

06:56 pm - Опасные Сессии

Mr. Sessions seems to be accused of not volunteering additional information while answering questions under oath. Every lawyer, however, would advise you to answer questions in the narrowest possible way, especially questions from the unfriendly side.

This reminds me of the infamous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"... Interestingly, in those days the democrats argued Clinton did not lie ― because his penis had not penetrated Monica's vagina, only her mouth. So technically that was no sex, just foreplay.

Retrofitting the standards to which Sessions' accusers appeal today, Mr. Clinton should have then answered thus: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, but she did give me head, if Mr. Chairman considers that relevant".

Jan. 14th, 2017

05:27 pm - Электрону

Люблю тебя, когда совсем один,
В магнитном поле ты летишь из мрака.
Я твой заряд люблю, твой полуцелый спин,
Статистику твою Ферми-Дирака.

Ни жив ни мертв, как шрёдингерский кот,
Ты пролетаешь сквозь две щели разом,
И так же как Россию, не берёт
Тебя в понятье чистый разум.

Твой путь един и помыслы чисты.
Пусть врут враги, что ты элементарен,
О, русский электрон, я знаю, ты
По сущности своей неисчерпаем.

(Jul 16, 2014)

Dec. 15th, 2016

11:30 am - Столоверчение

Amusing to watch how tables have turned.

When Bernie's supporters shouted "Hillary for Prison", they were probably not aware of an important ingredient for successful criminal prosecution. It was not enough to prove "willful or reckless" mishandling of classified information, it was important to show that our enemies had gained access to it. In the quest to cover against that, somebody had destroyed the information subpoenaed by the Congress. Where there were possible footprints of Putin's hackers, there's only hissing and bubbling of the fluid acid... That successful operation emboldened a dramatic twist in the progressive party line. Defending M-me Secretary from criminal prosecution is no longer relevant.

Now we can talk about those hackers. This must be Putin, who else? The most dramatic dirt made public was uncovered from DNC servers. The key revelation that may have affected the vote was that Hillary cheated in the debates, first against Sanders then against Trump. In both cases the secret questions were stolen and delivered to Hillary by Donna Brazile, the DNC chairwoman. In the Sanders case, it was a very consequential cheat as the "woman with rash on her face" posed an intricate technical (and totally irrelevant) question that had befuddled good old Bernie and allowed Hillary to demonstrate the complete mastery of an arcane subject. This shameful put-down of one of its own candidates in favor of another had turned many minds from the party governed by its Decrepit National Committee. Kudos to the hacker who had exposed it! I suspect the blame is not on Mr. Putin (though Putin has broad shoulders) but on a disgruntled sysadmin who could not stand the ignoble DNC machine destroying Mr. Sanders.

At the same time, I am fully aware that this was an outrageous breach of our cyber-security and I hope President Trump will duly complete the investigation started by President Obama. Lock-up the perpetrator, if only for the sake of never again! I wish we could lock up Mr. Putin himself and look forward to the times the scoundrel will be locked up by his own people.

Dec. 13th, 2016

05:46 pm - «Что делать?» и «Кто виноват ?»

Eternal Russian questions: «What is to be done?» and «Who is to blame?» are burning in the mind of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He believed — like everybody else did — that M-me Secretary would win the American election. Who could have thought that an innocent exercise in weakening the future President would backfire so badly? Instead of the miserable madam with soiled reputation, the hapless Putin must now deal with a strong President who does not care in the least about his reputation but will have all three branches of the government solidly behind him. «What is to be done?» has no answer. Go hang yourself, Mr. Putin.

Perhaps, we can help with the other question, «Who is to blame?». It looks like Mr. Putin himself is guilty of — worse than a crime — a mistake... or a miscalculation? Some say yes, others say no, but let us be resolute about it. Putin is no gentleman. He is capable of spying on an old woman. Worse of all when he finds dirty linens, he exposes them to the innocent deplorable public. Mr. Obama did not do that to Frau Merkel. Further, Putin has dared to spy on a decrepit national committee, again finding dirty linens and again making them public. Tell us you didn't do that, Mr. Putin, or else we shall seriously consider slapping you on the wrist. This is worse than Crimea — this is Crime Against Progressive Humankind !

Who else is there to blame? Somebody in the present US Administration must be responsible for cyber-security. Find who that person is, Mr. Obama, and punish her. Putin or no Putin, our cyber-security has been compromised and the dirty linen exposed. Blame #1.

Oh yes, those dirty linens originated with somebody. Who soiled them? Ascertain blame #2 but pardon her, Mr. Obama! For the good of the Nation. Don't let that guy lock her up.

Mr. Putin? Oh, he is no gentleman, we already know that. Son of a bitch dares to spy on the unsuspecting and unprotected Americans! He is certainly guilty even if proven innocent. Blame #3.

Mr. Trump? Eh, hmm-mm, what did he do?

Nov. 26th, 2016

11:51 am - Праздник

Дала сегодня косточку соседской собачке по кличке Фидель

Nov. 21st, 2016

08:18 pm - любовь еще быть может

Одна девушка долго искала
Себе друга – певца из La Scala
         А нашла баритона
         Из дурного притона
Но и этого нежно ласкала

Nov. 16th, 2016

12:29 pm - Trump and Roosevelt

There is an uncanny similarity between the two presidents.

Both were elected with an overwhelming mandate from much the same constituency (the working class). The cataclysmic mandate was to fix the economy using (very different but) equally harebrained schemes.

Another similarity is their willingness to ally themselves with one devil to defeat another. Needless to say the alliance with Stalin did not play out too well, as we are still mired in the world order that fateful alliance had established. It is very much needed to say that alliance with Putin will not pay well either, hopefully with less apocalyptic results.

Both Trump and Roosevelt are arguably the most consequential presidents in the US history. Both have molded (will mold) the Supreme Court for generations to come. Not without shenanigans in FDR case (remains to be seen for DJT). Both excite passion from supporters as well as detractors. It is no longer relevant whether Harry Hopkins was a Soviet spy, but the matter will be passionately argued forever. A similar irrelevant argument will likely boil over one or another confidant of Trump, the history is yet to decide who.

Laws of nature admit evolution backward in time on equal footing and physicists are wondering why we cannot remember the future or make plans for the past. This mysterious asymmetry between the past and the future favors our assessment of Trump who still holds a chance to become a great president. If this is too much to expect, let us then hope Donald does not do as much harm to the republic as Franklin did.

Nov. 8th, 2016

01:21 pm - Vincit qui se vincit

Кто победит, жлоб или воровка ?

Nov. 2nd, 2016

06:40 pm - écrasez l'infâme !

What do we do when a student is caught twice cheating at two different exams ? At the very least, we do not vote her the president of a student council.

It has been proven beyond any doubt that on two occasions Hillary has cheated in the debates -- first against Sanders then against Trump. In both cases the secret questions were stolen and delivered to Hillary by her lackey Donna Brazile. In the Sanders case, it was a very consequential cheat as the "woman with rash on her face" posed an intricate technical (and totally irrelevant) question that had befuddled good old Bernie. In contrast, Hillary had demonstrated complete mastery of the arcane idiotic subject.

Now when this has become known we hear not a whisper from the democrats, not even from Bernie supporters.
What a party... écrasez l'infâme !

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